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Product Supply

Within our team we have vast experience of the lubricants industry and can offer our customers not only the highest performing products for their applications, but also any technical advice on how your machinery can perform best with the lubricants used. With a complete tailored service and product supply package from Rockson LubriTek our customers have the comfort that not only are their hydraulic oils maintained to optimum performance but products are on stock when needed. 

With lubricants, especially hydraulic oils, there are varying degrees of quality in the products available and some hydraulic oils that are ‘cheap’ could well be so for a reason. Using lower quality blended hydraulic oils will not offer longevity of life that high quality products can and will affect the longevity of the internal wear parts.

All our products can be supplied in sizes from 25ltr pails to 1,000ltr IBC and also bulk pumped. We can offer tailored packages on equipment supply such as bulk storage tanks, metered pumping and delivery systems as well as spill absorbent kits, bunding and other ancillary equipment to help your business work more effectively and comply with HSE guidelines.


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