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Oil Management Analysis Filtration

Oil Management

Our goal is to offer individual packages based on our customer needs which may include extending oil and component life, minimising production downtime, meeting customer or industry standards and assisting with planned maintenance, all ultimately with the common goal of helping to reduce cost and maximise profit.

Oil Management
Product Supply

Product Supply

Within the Rockson LubriTek team we have a wealth of experience of the lubricants industry and therefore can offer our customers not only the best performing products for their applications, but also any technical advice on how their machinery can perform best with the lubricants used. With lubricants especially hydraulic oils there are varying degrees of quality of products available on the market and some hydraulic oils that are ‘cheap’ could well be so for a reason.

Product Supply

Why Choose Us?

Part of the Rockson Group of companies, Rockson LubriTek have over 20 years’ experience offering oil management services. We are located in Brighouse, West Yorkshire giving us excellent access to the whole of the UK for fast responsive services and have vast experience of the industries we work with, primarily the plastic injection, blow and compression moulding along with waste recycling and other sectors where the quality of hydraulic oil is critical.

Why Choose Us


Our oil management services include oil analysis which gives an in-depth diagnostic report of the oil condition from each machine sampled; these are accompanied by an easy to understand traffic light system overview and also access to our online asset management software database for you to track and monitor oil and component life.


With our flexible approach and understanding of individual business needs we can offer tailored package solutions. We can offer our customers the complete package.


With our team of oil management technicians we can offer nationwide coverage to guarantee our customers a first class flexible service meaning they can rely on us to take care of their oil management needs.

What Our Customers Say About Us...

  • “I contacted Rockson LubriTek to arrange analysis of the oil on our injection moulding machines. The visit was made the same day and analysis and recommendations within a week. I cannot fault the service they give and would encourage others to use them.”

    Medical Moulded Products
    Peter Lucas - MD
  • “I was recommend the services of Rockson LubriTek to assist with the draining and refilling of our machines when we moved premises. I was massively impressed by the efficient service offered and especially with the post fill filtration carried out to ensure the hydraulic oil was filtered to our required ISO cleanliness level. I will certainly be taking them up on the on-going oil management services they offer in the future!”

    Technix Rubber & Plastics Ltd
    Richard Lynch - Director
  • “Oil is often viewed as a commodity product and overlooked in its importance, so when embarking on an ambitious Polypipe initiative of “Back to Standard” Oil care and management was extremely high on my priority list. Having oil analysed is a function most companies undertake but the ability to interpret the result, determine a trend and then make sensible and sound recommendations is what sets Rockson LubriTek apart from others. I look forward to building on this positive start and developing our partnership into new areas of possibility such as gearbox performance and reduced energy and wear initiatives”.

    Polypipe Civils
    Adrian Banks - Engineering Director
  • Not only do Rockson LubriTek offer first class oil management services to our injection moulding machines, they have also solved hydraulic oil related issues experienced. An older machine on site was suffering from premature filter blockages and sticking valves, meaning regular & costly replacement and downtime. The Rockson LubriTek oil management technician advised it could be due to varnish and sludge build up which occurs over time. After carrying out analysis this was identified as the issue and recommended to use their VRT UltraClean additive to break down the varnish and sludge and oil change. Since then the issue has been resolved and the machine hasn’t missed a beat!

    Southco Manufacturing
    Gary Colgan - Maintenance Manager
  • “Rockson LubriTek were selected as our initial oil fill partner due to a long-standing relationship throughout both businesses and a knowledge of what ours and more importantly our customers’ needs are. We have ultimate confidence in Rockson LubriTek carrying out a professional job on every machine installation”

    ARBURG Ltd
    Simon Wrighton - Sales Director
  • Improved energy efficiency and performance were the key drivers in selecting GPII UltraLife hydraulic oil from ARBURG UK’s initial oil fill partner Rockson LubriTek. Since our partnership started we have completed a VRT UltraClean process to cleanse all hydraulic systems on site and implemented a proactive oil management program. We are seeing the benefits of this now through increased production efficiency rates and reductions in mechanical breakdowns leading to significant cost savings.

    Hallite Seals International
    Paul Preston - HSE & Facilities Manager